Two winners for our Scion Garage Fest tickets!



We've got two winners for the sure-to-be-awesome Scion Garage Fest in Lawrence on Saturday. Our criterion was this: what's the most awesome thing you've done in a garage? Catch the winners' stories after the jump.

Our first winner is Layla McEniry. Because we do not under any circumstances support drug use, kids. Never, ever, ever. Especially when creating likenesses of rock idols while lying to your parents.

When I was a teenager, I was tripping acid one night and had to come home instead of spend the night away. I told my folks that I was feeling inspired and wanted to work on a batik project (fabric dying w/ wax) in the garage. As I was working on the piece I became convinced that the random dye splotches were actually likenesses of Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, etc.. I was so convinced of it's greatness! This was my masterpiece!!! In the sobering light of day, I realized that not only had I dyed the fabric within an inch of it's life but there was no discernible pattern or imagery. Also I was covered in dye: hands, arms and a lot of my face. It didn't wash off for over a week and I had to go to school looking like a wreck. Had a hard time living that one down AND explaining it to my parents!

MynameisADAM wins solely on the fact that he mentions the 1995 film Powder and a potato gun in the same story.

So it was circa '99 and I was from a small town. As you may know, living in a small town can get pretty boring. So one day a friend and I thought it would be a fun time to build a potato launcher. So with only a vague idea on how to build one, we made our way to the closest hardware store for some supplies. 20 dollars later we had the stuff we needed. Using my parent's garage as our launcher lab, we assembled this thing as good as we could. Once the glue dried around the seals of our PVC turret we wasted no time trying it out. We jammed a potato into the barrel, sprayed the hairspray in the back and triggered the grill lighter to ignite the fuel, and then nothing...

After a few more attempts it was back to the drawing board. We thought that maybe the potato was jammed in too tight and decided to see if we could ignite it with nothing in the barrel. So with nothing in barrel we fire the lighter/trigger to see if anything would happen. After a few clicks my friend and I became confused and started to see what might be the problem. We knew that we had enough of the fuel source so it had to be something else. My solution was to click the hell of the lighter while my friend was looking at our all over the launcher to see if we had missed something.

So as my friend sticks his head over the barrel to see if there was something wrong on the inside I must have clicked the my lucky number 329 because when he looked inside the launcher shot a giant fire ball right in his dumb face. This in turn burnt every single hair off of his face, eyebrows and all, and some on his head. The effect of this flame thrower accident made my friend look like the guy from that movie Powder and hilarity ensued. He didn't think it was that funny... Needless to say, no hospital visit was required and we had a funny story to tell our friends. We never got the potato launcher to work... correctly.

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