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ICP at Memorial Hall
  • ICP at Memorial Hall

Insane Clown Posse -- and their cult-like following known as juggalos -- is arguably one of the most hated groups in music. The A.V. Club exhaustively interviewed Violent J, half of the Detroit horrorcore duo, about what makes ICP tick. Check some of the weirder excerpts of the interview after the jump. 

(If you forgot what a juggalo looks like, you might also want to check this slideshow of when ICP hit up Kansas City not to long ago.)

On being a wicked clown for money:

The one thing that really hurt me is that they said we make $10 million a year. I don't know anybody that wouldn't do what we do for $10 million a year. If we made $10 million a year, who the fuck wouldn't do what we do? If people knew how little money we actually make, I think it makes us more impressive. It shows the Juggalos that we're that much more dedicated to what we do, because there aren't millions floating around here at all. When we go on a tour, our goal is to break even.

...Part of it's cool, people thinking you make that much money. Part of that's cool, I guess. But at the same time, who wouldn't be a wicked clown for $10 million a year?

On "Miracles":

I know a lot of our stuff is "Chop 'em up, kill 'em," but "Miracles" is another side of ICP that's always been there.

...It's like, of course these things we're talking about aren't real miracles, according to what a miracle is in Webster's Dictionary or whatever. But anybody that can stand there, looking at a rainforest or something and not think that's a miracle--I mean, that's their loss. Anybody that can sit there and look at shooting stars or a fucking full moon when it's red and hanging over the city and not sit there and think, "That looks awesome, and that's a miracle that we get to see that and have that on this earth and all this shit," you know, that's their loss.

On bringing Tila Tequila to the Gathering of the Juggalos:

Yeah, our thinking was, here you got this chick who's famous because she's hot...So we looked at a clip of her video and her song was called "I Fucked The DJ" so here we got this sex symbol, who's going to get up onstage singing and rapping about fucking the DJ. It just seemed like it was going to work. You know what I mean?

...I thought the whole reason she got a reality show was because she was some kind of Internet sex sensation. I just thought Juggalos would like to see a hottie up there singing about fucking. [Laughs.]

On declining to play Ozzfest:

I don't remember what the details were. It was probably something along the lines of you can't throw Faygo or something. We might have been asked to perform on the tour, but we couldn't bring our Faygo because of whatever the reason was. That's always a deal breaker.

On borrowing ideas from wrestling:

We're characters. We'd never be seen without the face paint, and wear wrestling masks in and out of the bus, until the Internet just blew up everywhere. If we rapped about being axe murderers, we were axe murderers in our interviews and everything, and just the way we carried ourselves. We carried that illusion. And [rapping] about the Dark Carnival, about the end of the world, we carried our storyline to the finish, just like wrestling. I think that has a lot to do with being obsessed with wrestling growing up.

On the backlash from the "Miracles" video:

I honestly believe that all the people that hate that video so much and said so much shit about it, I believe it touched those people in some way. It might not be their favorite video, their favorite song, but they were taken by it. Because when you really hate something, when you really don't like something, when something really doesn't interest you, you don't write about it.

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