Crossroads Music Festival 2010 lineup announced


Kirsten Paludan at Crossroads Music Fest No. 5, in 2009.
  • Kirsten Paludan at Crossroads Music Fest No. 5, in 2009.

This year's Crossroads Music Fest is going down on Saturday, September 11. Thanks to local organizer and musician Bill Sundahl, the CMFKC festival has been going strong since 2005; this year's event is the sixth in the series. You'll find the list of bands, venues and prices for this year after the jump.

CMF 2010 Venues:
Crosstown Station - $12

1522 McGee

Press (Upstairs of Crosstown Station)-



6pm to 3am

Czar Bar - $8

1531 Grand

6pm to 1 am

The Brick - $8

1727 McGee

6pm to 3am

Mercy Seat Alley - $6

210 E. 16th

7pm to Midnight

Kansas City Cafe - $7

1532 Grand

6pm to Midnight

CMF 2010 Artists:

Hearts of Darkness (KC)

The Columns (KC)

The Safes (Chicago)

The Goodfoot (KC)

Les Izmore (KC)

Diverse (KC)

The Grisly Hand (KC)

Ad Astra Arkestra (KC)

Bleach Bloodz (KC)

Thee Water Mocasins (KC)

James Christos (KC)

Dead Voices (KC)

Barclay Martin (KC)

Mark Lowrey (KC)

Katlyn Conroy & The Wild and Wooly (Lawrence)

Faster Horses (KC)

Nicolette Paige (KC)

Atlantic Fadeout (KC)

Silver Maggies (KC)

Dan Bliss (KC)

The Old Black (Lawrence)

The Wires (KC)

Antennas Up (KC/Chicago)

The Caves (KC)

Howard Iceberg & the Titanics (KC)

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