Is Phish playing the Sprint Center in October? Rumor Mill reports!


Maybe so, maybe not.
  • Maybe so, maybe not.

Phish, the world's most popular jam band, has been back together for a few years now. The band took a hiatus in the early aughts, then did a comeback tour, then said it was quitting for good, but finally was like, "Eh, we're Phish. We'll just do it like the Dead and tour until one of us dies." 

Phish last played in the Kansas City area back in 2003. (I was there. I like Phish. Fuck off.) The last few days, I've heard some rumblings, both from the internet and from actual living people, about a tour stop at the Sprint Center in October. But who can you really trust in this world? Rumor Mill, that's who!

So check out this post from, um, GangstaNoob, on a fan site called, uh, Phantasy Tour:

I called the lady who books the suites @ The Sprint Center. I told her I had received word that this show was official and I wanted to get a jump on reserving 2 suites. She asked what show and when I told her Phish on the 12th she laughed and said "wow, you're quick! We just had a meeting on this yesterday!" She said they wouldn't have suites for the show yet because they haven't recieved the stage dimensions, and don't know if any will be offered. She is sending me an email with typical pricing and she said she will call me the morning it is made public. No nans...try yourself.

I don't know what "nans" is lingo for in hippiespeak. But I tried calling the Sprint Center a couple times yesterday and couldn't get any information. Seems like a believable story, though, no?

Rumor Mill verdict: Phish is playing the Sprint Center on October 12. We'll update when we get confirmation. In the meantime, here's a video. I still have the Maxwell XL-II tape from this show in a shoebox somewhere.

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