Hey, Mark Lowrey: Where does your money come from?


Mark Lowrey.
  • Mark Lowrey.

What You Do For Money Honey takes us beyond the music and into the cubicles, restaurants and storefronts that allow local musicians to pay the bills.

Local pianist Mark Lowrey is a productive dude. He's gigging somewhere around town nearly every night of the week, either solo, or with Trio ALL, or with one of a seemingly endless number of projects. Is it enough to pay the bills? We report!

Says Lowrey:

I play steadily enough that I can make my way as a gigging musician these days. During the day, I spend a lot of time doing things that go along with that, like scheduling rehearsals and updating Facebook. But a few times I've been hired to write jingles. I wrote a jingle for the 30th anniversary of Frosty Friends, which is this line of Hallmark ornaments. They wanted me to write music to accompany a video of a seal and a penguin riding a sled together. So I had to arrange the music so it was in sync with the video, which turned out to be really fun. But, yeah, I'd say my jingle experience is still fairly limited.
So there you have it. Lowrey is recording a live solo album in front of a Jardine's audience on Sunday, August 1.

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