Desperately seeking Big Boi at the Jones


They weren't Big Boi but they did put on quite a show.
  • They weren't Big Boi but they did put on quite a show.

Listening to rumors is never a good idea. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This little bit of life advice is especially true when it comes to celebrity appearances. Upon word that OutKast's Big Boi -- the less sartorially experimental but equally talented yin to André 3000's yang -- would be performing at the Jones Pool Friday night, I headed over to the rooftop lounge giddy with excitement.

"Which songs from his long-awaited solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot, would he perform?" I wondered, stepping into a packed elevator. "Would it be the effervescent and P-Funk inflected single 'Shutterbug'?" I pondered as I waited in a line that stretched outside and onto the lounge's rooftop lawn.

Sadly, dear reader, I have no idea. By 1:20 a.m., after waiting for a

little over three hours, I headed home, without seeing hide nor hair of

the rapper. (I did however see someone vom in their wicker recliner, as well as heightened security due to a Cordish brother's presence).

The next day I heard grumblings that Big Boi didn't perform at all, instead favoring the company of a bevy of beautiful women while getting wasted in a cabana. However commenter "bryan" said that Big Boi did come out and "performed literally for 5

minutes at the very end of the night. pretty shitty. but i got to meet

him and get a picture so it was worth


Really? All I got was this tweet.



To see the other people who waited with me to see Big Boi, take a look at our slideshow.

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