Three-for-one garage-rock special at the Brick on Saturday



Damn, that is one fine-lookin' lineup over at the Brick this Saturday. Been excited about it for about a month now. Let's take a closer look, why don't we? 

Bleach Bloodz are pretty much killing it these days. They're playing hot shows all over town, dressing better than any other band, and churning out Stones-y garage-rock stomps that hit you square in the gut. The fact that they hang out in Smithville is icing on the cake for me. 

Here is a video from a few years back of the Pink Socks getting all Nuggets at a show in St. Louis. (Skip to the four-minute mark.) These days, former Pitch music editor Jason Harper is the band's bassist. The man always had fine taste.  

The Conquerors appear to be comprised of most of the guys from Wrong Crowd, who I think are broken up? At any rate, I saw Conquerors at Davey's a few months back and walked out in a glorious daze. The band's sound has definite garage-rock roots, but their songs are more disjointed and hazy, less traditionally structured. At least I think so. I was serious about the daze. These guys might be geniuses.

Seven bucks for all this. Get your ass out to the show. 

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