The F-Holes get country drunk



Empty Glass is a weekly post devoted to furthering the alcoholic rock star image and mythos. That's right, kids -- drinking has no negative side effects and makes you look cool, to boot.

While out wandering on Sunday evening after a graduation party in Lawrence's student ghetto, I popped into the Replay Lounge just in time to catch the F-Holes knocking out some rockabilly to a crowd that didn't mind the fine mist. It occurred to me that any band willing to play in the damp, with a fanbase of the same mind, might know a thing or two about drinking. Drummer Mike Ryan was more than happy to confirm that.

I know this is of little surprise, but I think it's low-brow beers for us. We're big fans of Hamms, Schlitz and the ever-present PBR. Harry's Country Club in the City Market is an old standard watering hole. It's like the clubhouse I never had as a kid. My parents didn't like the idea of all the booze and the topless Indian lady painting. Best Jukebox in K.C. for sure.

Westside Local has Schlitz on tap, and that rules.

If I'm down south, its gotta be Swagger at 84th and Wornall. They've got beer in cans, an ironic faux-wood drop ceiling (no sh*t!) and a beef and cheddar sandwich that will make you want to slap your mom.

You can next catch the F-Holes and their countrified rock 'n' roll when they play the Gaslight Tavern in North Lawrence on Friday, June 11.

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