'Zine Review: Jerk Store



Why is it that most of the 'zines I get for review come from the UK? It's a mystery, but I thank the island of Britannia for providing such great reading material.

The newest UK 'zine to cross my desk is the Cardiff-based Jerk Store. Well, formerly based in Cardiff -- the editor, Alex, along with co-writer and girlfriend Kelly, moved to Perth, Western Australia.

In any case, Jerk Store is a well-done pop-punk 'zine, featuring interviews that manage to ask questions that go beyond the usual "so, how's the tour going?" For instance, asking Off With Their Heads whether or not they might start writing love songs because every flier for the band mentions "all the dark lyrics and self-deprecating lyrics and stuff."

The cover might make you think it's a Cometbus take-off, but the layout and design are tops. Rather than the usual crap photocopy jobs, the printing quality allows for clear photos. The swiped imagery from a book of North Korean posters only makes the 'zine look even higher-end.

You can buy the newest issue, the sixth, as well as the fifth at the Jerk Store...store. They also have a Ben Snakepit-designed koozie!

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