Chuck D blasts Arizona's politics



When you've been blasted by Public Enemy in the past for your racist policies, it should've been expected by the government of Arizona that Chuck D would step up and rip 'em a new one.

That's what Chuck does on his new track, "Tear Down This Wall," which samples that previous indictment of Arizona politics, "By the Time I Get to Arizona." Dropping lyrics like "We're due respect/Tear down that wall," the cut brings to mind Raegan's plea to Gorbachev, even sampling it at the very end. The track can be downloaded for free at SlamJamz.

The rapper, in conjunction with his wife, Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson, had the following to say in conjunction with the track's release:

Jan Brewer's decision to sign the Arizona immigration bill into law is racist, deceitful, and reflects some of the most mean-spirited politics against immigrants that the country has ever seen. The power that this law gives to police, to detain people that they suspect to be undocumented, brings racial profiling to a new low. Brewer's actions and those of Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, the Arizona State Senate are despicable, inexcusable, and endorse the all-out hate campaign that Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, and others have perpetrated upon immigrants for years. The people of Arizona who voted for this bill, as well as those who crafted it, demonstrate no regard for the humanity or contributions of Latino people. And for all of those who have chosen not to speak up, shame on you for silently endorsing this legislated hate.

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