Empty Glass: Mammoth Life



Empty Glass is a weekly post devoted to furthering the alcoholic rock star image and mythos. That's right, kids -- drinking has no negative side effects and makes you look cool, to boot.

Since Mammoth Life played their album, An American Movement, in its entirety last night (which I was unable to see, dammit), they seemed like a band to whom we could go for an epic sense of not just a place to get a drink, but an experience. Band leader Nicholas Goss did not disappoint.

What do you like to drink and where do you like to drink it?

Mammoth Life likes to meet together and socialize once a week every Tuesday night at Tres Mexicanos for a Dos Equis Amber draw for only a dollar here in Lawrence. That night they also special their tacos for a dollar, fish tacos for two dollars, and tequila shots for a dollar...simply cannot be beat.

Is this just a tradition, or is it post-band practice?

Mammoth Life (ie Elizabeth and I) often have a practice with a single ML member or a full group most days of the week regardless. This is merely a favorite of ours that we usually set back time for no matter what is going on. So I suppose I would answer your question directly with "tradition."

Other Lawrence musicians can be found enjoying the cheap comestibles and imbibements of Tres Mexicanos, so if you're wanting to be a scenester lookie-loo, there's no better place to be tonight.

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