Mac Lethal calls for local songs to play on Black Clover Radio



In a forum post yesterday on, Mac Lethal announced that he's looking for local songs to spin on his Sunday night KRBZ 96.5 the Buzz show, Black Clover Radio. Except for two songs, Lethal wrote, his entire playlist this past Sunday was local.

He does, however, have some stipulations:


Don't send me songs about hustling drugs in the K-town. I got a few of those submitted, and while I'm not upset at them sonically, I can't co-sign them because they are too similar to top 40 rap. I would rather you artists that sent me those songs resend some songs about something of more substance. Political issues/ emotional issues/ relationship issues/ financial trouble/ creative story telling etc.

IF you gotta send me a song about drugs, at least make it sound like "Mr. Big" by Eightball and MJG, or some old UGK shit or something with musical innovation. I don't mind the violence, or the graphic lyrics. But make it creative. I wanna play it, knowing cats are listening like, "Wow, this is REALLY cool, and refreshing, and new." But keep that Hot 103 shit away from my email address.

Mac continues:

I don't want any crunk shit (leave that style for Memphis and Atlanta and them cats.) The stuttering snares, and 808s, and synthy beats, with auto-tuned choruses. No dice. Don't send me club records. Records about being in the club etc.

Underground rappers. Get your stuff sounding top notch before you send it. Don't send busted ass mixes. It needs to sound at least quality enough for radio play. I think what I mean by that has gotten lost on cats, but oh well, the submissions will still be interesting.

Keep the submissions coming, but look. If we are gonna blow this scene up, and feel energized and full of life, I need y'all to step your lyric game, beat game, vocal game, creativity game, recording game, musical game and overall package game UP.

Stik Figa, Greg Enemy, Ces Cru, Deep Thinkers etc. You need to strive to be pushing the boundaries they are pushing.

P.S. If you drop an exclusive mixtape freestyle, or wanna rant about some KC music scene shit. Record it, flip the curses backwards, and send it over. I'll give it some play. We need more artists voicing their opinions unconstrained by text.

Stik Figa and Greg Enemy for example. Send me a 3 minute long rant, over a smooth jazzy instrumental, try not to curse. And TALK SHIT on what needs to be fixed in the town.

It don't have to be songs. IF you got 3 minutes of some audio that pertains to KC hip-hop. SEND IT THE FUCK OVER.

So, to recap: no crunk, no Auto-tune ... substance, yes. Illegal substances, no. Rants welcome.

Mr. Lethal neglected to include his e-mail address with the post, so here it is:

Everyone who's been demanding of late to have their voices heard on local radio should get on this. It's not urban radio, per se, but it's a start. Kudos, Mac.

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