Anarchy Tour Diary #9: Struttin' at the Stray Cat



The latest dispatch from Christos and co.'s Anarchy Tour comes from the keyboard of DJ Jamel Rockwell.

Rockwell: What's Good, KC? This is Jamel Rockwell handling the tour diary for the 1st and of July. Tuesday nite we did our thing at the Stray Cat in Tempe, AZ, and it felt good to be on the stage again.


The reception was more than positive, and we made a few Industry contacts, one of which might help immediately. We met famed Cali indie MC Xololaxinco (i hope to god i finally spelled that right). Not only did he leave the stage smokin' when he was done, but he's also offered us a set at his gig in Austin, TX, this weekend in addition to the show we have scheduled for tomorrow.


In fact, everyone we've told about goin' to Austin says the scene out there is pretty live. Combine that with a July 4th show (we're swapping the show in Houston for this one), and we're bound to see fireworks of some sort, right?

Video: PL at the Stray Cat

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