Anarchy Tour Diary #5: Pics and videos from the Mission Ale House


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Kansas City hip-hop rebels James Christos, Jamel Rockwell and PL have gone out West for a jaunt called the Anarchy Tour. Follow their exploits here and only here.


James Christos: Well...we killed it last night!!! [Wednesday]. It was the perfect way to start off a tour. I was back to musical roots. I almost cried at the sight of the people that came out to see ya boy do his thing. It was a good crowd and they were very receptive. We sold some merch, got to mingle, and make some new friends. It was perfect. If the rest of the tour is half as good we'll be doing all right.

While we were in the Bay, I also had a chance to hook up with my step dad, DJ Surge. He's been DJing in the bay for as long as I can remember. He finally got to see me rock a show. His approval meant a lot.

Christos and stepfather DJ Surge
  • Christos and stepfather DJ Surge

Oh yeah, and the craziest thing happened. After the show, this cat named Jason came up to me and was like, "You rocked that shit man." I was like, "Thanks. Do you wanna buy a CD?" He said "naw I wanna buy the jacket off your back, and you can give me a CD." I couldn't refuse the man. So I'm less one jacket and one CD. That was ill.

Hope it doesn't get cold in the desert!
  • Hope it doesn't get cold in the desert!

Christos and Rockwell with a new friend
  • Christos and Rockwell with a new friend

DJ Audio Dru
  • DJ Audio Dru

Shortly after that Rockwell almost lost his DJ arm arm wrestling the same dude(who just so happened to be an Olympic athlete). I'm gonna keep this one short cause we partied kinda hard last night. Then we hit the road for LA right after. So we're just now getting to Los Angeles.

Bout to rest up then hit the streets and prepare for the next gig. Here are some pics and some video. The video is dark, but you'll get the feel. You gonna have to work with us on this technical ish. Everybody is doing three jobs. So next time you see us and we're extra asshole-ish about our business, just understand that we've been through the gauntlet And I'm dead serious about that. THIS SHIT IS HARD TO PULL OFF (even though we make it look easy).


RIP Michael Jackson "The King Of Pop"

PL Interviews Bay Area producer Ambition

Christos and DJ Surge

PL rockin' "Redemption Song"

James Christos rockin' "Punk Rock"

Rockwell arm wrestles the Olympian


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