The Ssion shows how it's done at SXSW.



Now that the festival is over and folks hangovers are wearing off, the really good shit is coming in. The past few days I've been enjoying living vicariously post-facto through KJHK's SXSW blog. If I tried to do the same thing through the Ssion's blog for Vice magazine, I'd probably turn gay, have a heart attack and die a glamorous, rainbow-spewing death. Click here or on the photo below for part one.


Cody Critcheloe's stories are not for prudes. The talks openly and unashamedly about taking drugs, chasing boys, and, worst of all, eating food from Chili's. But his lust for life is undeniable. As a boring straight guy who is psychologically incapable of letting go even for a minute to the extent that Cody and crew did at ever turn, I am in awe.

Possibly my favorite moment is his description of getting past this doorman (because getting past doormen is almost a bigger sport than the whole music game at SXSW):


On top of that there was a door guy, wearing a suit! HA HA! Can you believe it? Where did this asshole think he was? LA? Paris? Milan? New York City? HA HA HA! What a fuckwad! He tried to tell me that we weren't on the list, but after Alexis threw a fierce fit, he couldn't deny our star-power and let us in. It was odd the door guy had such a problem with us because the clientele seemed to be mostly over 40 and part-time employees at Joe's Crab Shack.

You have to realize that for fags to go more than a couple of days without dancing is like being in HELL!

The Vice blog is tricky to navigate, so here are the links to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and the grand finale, part 5.

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