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While Harper’s on a break from the scene, it’s up to me to point out the relevant rock going down in KC and Lawrence this weekend. You should have read up on some if it already in the Pitch music pages . For instance, on Saturday, the Replay Lounge and Jackpot Music Hall are “springing into summer” with a big old bash that spans both venues. According to earlier e-mail announcements, the party would include a buffet. But the final menu seems to offer only music. Oh, well. At least it’s cheap. For $2, you can feast your ears on Old Canes , the Appleseed Cast , In the Pines , the Esoteric and more. And rumor has it this could be the last live appearance by the Esoteric for a while; the much-troubled band is figuring out what to do next.

Elsewhere this weekend, catch:

The KC Rock and Metal Fest at the Hurricane tonight and Saturday. Expect face-melting riffs from such scary-sounding bands as Choke Hold Grip and Godzai.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

at The Granada on Saturday. The Fratellis was supposed to play this show, too, but the band announced on its Web site that all of its American shows were canceled until after May 13. However, the Granada gig does not appear in the tour dates listed on the Fratellis main site or its MySpace profile. BRMC should be well worth the $16 anyway. Plus, you won’t have to put up with the Fratellis’ overuse of harmony.

The Melismatics, Killer Cars and We Are the Argument at Mike’s Tavern. That’s where I’ll be tonight, because the ´Matics are my good pals from Minneapolis. I recommend this show, especially if you get off on Midwestern power pop performed with competence by some of the best dressed rocker types you’ll ever meet. But there’s another reason to go to Mike’s, if not tonight, then soon. It’s closing. Here’s the word, according to the Mike’s Web site:

Last Call at Mike's


As of June 1st, 2007, Mike's Tavern will be under new ownership. The new owners will be closing as of that date to remodel and we currently do not know when the bar will reopen or whether it will continue to be a live music venue. What this means is all shows after May 31st are cancelled, sorry bands. It also means we'd really like to see you all stop in over the next couple of weeks for a last hurrah. We have enjoyed serving you over the last ten years and appreciate your support.

So long and thanks for the memories,

All the gang at Mike's

-- Crystal K. Wiebe

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