Denver's Dylan



Satan will be happy with me for telling you that Slayer has announced its winter tourdates, and February 3, they'll be tearing it up at Memorial Hall. (Thanks to vigilant clubs editor Megan Metzger for being the first to find out. She gets first prize for the day.)

Not even the pretty flowers can lift Chris Adolf's black cloud.

Fishing around for good haps tonight, I came across this guy from Denver whose band, Bad Weather California, is playing at the Record Bar Tonight. Normally, I wouldn't bat an eye at such news (indie folk ... middle of the week ... who cares?), but because the band's from Denver, I decided to ask my colleague Dave at Westword for a thumbs up or down, and it came back way up.

Bad Weather CA used to be the Love Letter Band, starring a guy named Chris Adolf. Here's a postive review of a Love Letter album that came out this year. Or if you're really in the mood, an even longer love letter to Love Letter is here.

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