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Just a couple of quick things, y'all.

1. It's way easier to post comments on this blog now. No mailing address, blood type or genitalia descriptions required. So, let the feedback begin.

OK Jones searches the skies for a new drummer.

2. OK Jones is looking for a drummer. Contact Richard Gintowt at if you're interested in beating the skins for this great little alt-pop-country band. Or is that alt-country-pop? Countr... — forget it. Gintowt just moved to KC from Lawrence, where he used to do the lion's share of music writing for but now just wants to write hits, baby. Jones' album Push/Pull is really one of the best overall recordings to come out of the scene in the past year. If I played drums, I would apply.

3. Witness, people, the right way for a band to pimp its merch.


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