Mondo's Army of Darkness poster unveiled



This is what your friends got tonight while you stayed home.
  • Randy Ortiz
  • This is what your friends got tonight while you stayed home.
It's been a little more than eight months since Alamo Drafthouse brought one of its Mondo poster parties to town, and the wait was killing people. Tickets for tonight's Army of Darkness screening - at which the latest Randy Ortiz movie-poster design was just revealed, following the film - went faster than a chainsaw through human flesh. (Last July's Goonies event left no empty seats, either.)

That's it up there. Pretty cool, huh? If you know one of the people who got to spend the evening at Mondo, maybe that person will let you look at the poster up close someday. Or you can follow @MondoNews on Twitter to find out when a batch of $45 copies rolls out for purchase.

Meanwhile, if you're reading this, you're probably thinking about seeing the Evil Dead remake this weekend. At our sister paper in Nashville, Jim Ridley and Jason Shawhan are still sorting out their mixed feelings about it, but it's definitely got the gore. As Shawhan says: "I'd say about 75-80 percent of the makeup effects are practical, and stuffed to the gills with vats of blood and guts. Oh, and tendons. Lots and lots of tendons."

Who wants to have a little? You?

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