The Pitch's Questionnaire with Best Ink's Alli Baker

Meet tattoo artist Alli Baker.




Name: Alli Baker

Occupation: Tattoo artist

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Current neighborhood: Austin, Texas

Who or what is your sidekick? My pet dogs, Peewee and Oscar

What career would you choose in an alternate reality? Rocket scientist

What was the last local restaurant you patronized? Blue Koi

Where do you drink? Coffee shops, so many good ones: Broadway, Lattéland, Filling Station.

What's your favorite charity? Leukemia foundations and pet rescues

Favorite place to spend your paycheck: MAC, Sephora

What local phenomenon do you think is overrated? Bacon festival

Where do you like to take out-of-town guests? Plaza

Finish this sentence: "Other than the Kauffman Center, Kansas City got it right when ... " They started putting money into reviving the city.

"Kansas City screwed up when it ... " Closed a lot of known local businesses.

"Kansas City needs ... " To promote more of the art scene.

"People might be surprised to know that I ... " Never smoked marijuana.

"If I were in charge ... " I'd clean up the city and put more money into the education programs.

What TV show do you make sure you watch? Best Ink, Dexter, Supernatural, Breaking Bad

____ take up a lot of space in my iTunes: Punk rock. The New York Dolls, the Replacements, Cheap Trick and the Dead Boys.

What movie do you watch at least once a year? Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Trainspotting, Reservoir Dogs

What local tradition do you take part in every year? First Fridays are really fun!

Celebrity you'd like to ride the Mamba with at Worlds of Fun: Clint Eastwood

Favorite person or thing to follow on Twitter: Tosh.O

Person or thing you find really irritating at the moment? People wanting all-white tattoos!

What subscription - print, digital, etc. - do you value most? Art books of any kind

Last book you read: The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Favorite day trip: Go swimming or bike riding.

Interesting brush with the law? If I don't remember it, it didn't happen.

Describe a recent triumph: The courage to do Best Ink season two on Oxygen!

The second-season premiere of Best Ink airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 3, on Oxygen.

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