Royals are the 29th most-valuable MLB team; payroll is $80.4 million

The Royals rank as the 29th most valuable MLB team.


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The Royals arent worth all that much.
  • The Royals aren't worth all that much.
The Royals had a blistering spring training, which might give some fans hope that this is the year they break through and, at the very least, top the .500 mark. The team's promising youthful core, though, isn't doing much to goose the team's value.

In its annual list of what Major League Baseball teams are worth, Forbes ranks the Royals at 29th. The magazine says the club is worth $457 million.

Forbes says a bright spot for the Royals is that their TV viewership went up 13 percent last year. The team won 77 games. Only the Tampa Bay Rays, worth $451 million, are worth less. The Yankees, surprising nobody, came in at No. 1 at $2.3 billion.

In other Royals financial news, the AP compiled a list of MLB payrolls, and David Glass' team is shelling out $80,491,725 on player salaries this season. That's 22 out of 30 teams. In the American League Central, only the Twins are spending less. The Royals open the season on Monday in Chicago against the White Sox, and their home opener is April 8 against the Twins.


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