Poll: Half of Missourians support marijuana legalization



Is Missouri the next Colorado?
  • Is Missouri the next Colorado?
Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, a Missouri-based marijuana-legalization advocacy group, released a poll this week that showed half of Missourians support legalization of marijuana. A year ago, The Pitch wrote about Show-Me Cannabis Regulation's attempt to get a measure on the statewide ballot.

The poll asked voters if they would support legalization using nearly the same wording that appeared on a ballot measure the group attempted to get on the ballot last year. Under the legalization plan, the state would tax pot and allow anyone 21 and older to smoke legally. It also would allow homeowners to plant small marijuana patches on their property.

The results of the poll of 500 Missourians, done by DHM Research, showed 50 percent support the measure, 45 opposed it and 5 percent were undecided.

In a release touting the poll, Show-Me Cannabis executive director John Payne said, "This poll confirms that support for legalizing and regulating cannabis like alcohol continues to grow, and that is just as true in Missouri as it has been in Colorado."

Two bills in the Missouri Legislature currently could also relax marijuana laws. According to the Show-Me Cannabis release, "House Bill 512 would reduce penalties for possession; House Bill 511 would allow for expungment of misdemeanor cannabis convictions; and House Bill 688 would allow voters to legalize medical use with a doctor's approval."

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