The Pitch's Questionnaire with 12th Street Jump host Pete Weber

The 12th Street Jump host shares his love for KC.



Name: Pete Weber

Occupation: Host of National Public Radio's 12th Street Jump, professional actor, and presentation manager for Theater League's touring Broadway shows

Hometown: Bridgewater, South Dakota

Current neighborhood: Merriam

Who or what is your sidekick? "Oinks," my guard pig

What career would you choose in an alternate reality? Chef

What was the last local restaurant you patronized? Yokohama Sushi in downtown Lawrence

Where do you drink? No regular spot, but I like Flying Saucer, the Majestic and Chez Charlie.

What's your favorite charity? Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Favorite place to spend your paycheck: The grocery store. I love to cook.

What local phenomenon do you think is overrated? Gates and Bryant's

Where do you like to take out-of-town guests? Happy hour at the Majestic, Hayward's BBQ for sausage and pork burnt ends, anywhere with live jazz.

Finish this sentence: "Other than the Kauffman Center, Kansas City got it right when ... " It created the City Market and all the fantastic weekend mornings that ensued.

"Kansas City screwed up when it ... " Cut arts funding in KC schools.

"Kansas City needs ... " To embrace our slightly renewed identity. The streets don't roll up at 8 p.m. anymore. The jazz and barbecue are as good as ever, but now the art scene has flourished and there's a late-night, weekend-getaway or daytime spot closer than you think for whatever your preference. Just look up stuff on your computer thing.

"People might be surprised to know that I ... " Believe the children are our future. We need to teach them well and let them lead the way.

"If I were in charge ... " You best believe there'd be more dancing and pizza parties.

What TV show do you make sure you watch? Whale Wars

____ take up a lot of space in my iTunes: Jazz, funk and George Carlin bits

What movie do you watch at least once a year? Josh Gleeson's The Birdwatcher

What local tradition do you take part in every year? Believing the Chiefs are gonna win the Super Bowl, but seriously ... THIS IS THE YEAR.

Celebrity you'd like to ride the Mamba with at Worlds of Fun: Gary Busey or Rachel McAdams, for very different reasons

Favorite person or thing to follow on Twitter: @JennyJohnsonHi5 for out-loud laughing

Person or thing you find really irritating at this moment: Self-serve yogurt stands with trendy names, and whatever "jeggings" are.

What subscription - print, digital, etc. - do you value most? Netflix. I wouldn't get to see any TV without it. No Walking Dead? No Portlandia? No, thank you.

Last book you read: The Cheesecake Factory menu

Favorite day trip: To the Louisburg Cider Mill in the fall for warm apple donuts.

What is your most embarrassing dating moment? It was our first date. Things went well. I get in my car to leave. As I shut the door, she leans in for a surprise kiss, and I slam the door on her head. She screams and starts to do the awkward "it didn't hurt" dance as she's smile-crying.

Interesting brush with the law? I was the last surviving member of my unit just trying to connect with friends in Washington, when some local deputies accused me of vagrancy. So I spent weeks evading officers in the north woods using all the fighting and survival skills that I honed in battle. To find me, they called in my old commander, who tried to talk sense and get me to surrender. I explained to him that they drew First Blood.

Describe a recent triumph: 12th Street Jump is now being aired on almost 50 stations around the country. Some of my favorites are Miami, Guam, Portland, and Pittsburgh, but the coolest has to be St. Paul Island, Alaska, which plays our live Kansas City jazz show for ships passing through the Bering Sea.

See 12th Street Jump live, with special guest Joe Sample, at 7:30 p.m. March 26, at UMKC's White Recital Hall.

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