Tell us your bad-love story

Tell us your tales of dates - and love - gone wrong.



You know, Valentine's Day isn't far off. In just a few weeks, you'll try to cram a year's worth of romantic aspiration into a dinner reservation and a hastily selected greeting card.

We're not about to make fun of all that. Ritual has its place, after all, and we'll be right behind you in line at Target come 4 p.m. February 14.

But whether you're blissfully involved or bitterly sitting out love for a while, one way to get through that cards-and-candy day is to unburden yourself of the past. Old indiscretions, unhealed wounds, last Thursday's hickeys - talk 'em out.

Got a sad or weird or hot story (or one that's all three) about meeting, getting with or having to go without someone special? Send it to No names necessary, privacy assured, all relationship stages encouraged. Especially if your story is funny.


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