102.5 the Fan, the third sports talk radio station in KC, launches this morning



102.5 FM will no longer be intentionally funny.
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  • 102.5 FM will no longer be intentionally funny.
Sports misery loves company. At midnight, Funny 102.5 became Sports Radio 102.5 FM the Fan. The local station, owned by Cumulus, is now broadcasting the CBS Sports Radio network as a replacement to the channel that featured small segments of stand-up comedians' acts. Traces of Funny 102.5 still remain with an active Facebook page and a grinning monkey logo on the station's website.

CBS Sports launched the 24-hour network in more than 100 markets nationwide today. Hosts Jim Rome, John Feinstein and Doug Gottlieb (the former ESPN host has been a regular guest on 810 AM sports shows) are the names you're most likely to recognize (a current schedule is available here). Damon Amendolara is among the local hires, hosting the D.A. Show between 1 and 5 a.m. Kansas City has received a lot of national attention for its sports teams in the past year, so perhaps it's appropriate that 2013 kicks off with a national sports talk station.

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