Driver opens fire after being honked at



  • Can't we just leave road disputes to this?
This might make you think twice before honking at some buffoon dawdling at a green light or trying to turn left at a busy intersection during restricted hours. The Star reports that a driver honked at a fellow motorist who was not moving at the bottom of the exit ramp at Missouri 9 and Third Street on Monday night around 10 p.m.

The honk-receiver then reportedly got out of his car, approached the victim's vehicle and tried to get the door open. The victim was able to get the door closed, and the road-rage driver got back into his own car. The victim then used questionable judgment and followed the other driver in an effort to write down his license-plate number.

Two blocks later, the report says, the victim was writing the plate number down, when "he looked up and saw the suspect standing in front of his vehicle with a gun." The guy allegedly fired at least four shots into the victim's windshield on the driver's side. Somehow he wasn't seriously injured. A 26-year-old suspect was arrested a couple of blocks away.

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