Time Warner Cable asks its Kansas City workers for 'tips, rumors and rumblings about Google Fiber'



Wanted: Info on Google Fiber
  • Wanted: Info on Google Fiber
Time Warner Cable isn't exactly thrilled with the prospect of competing with Google Fiber. And why should it be? Like so many KC residents, my only choice is TWC. But Google may be able to change that.

Gigaom reported Wednesday that the cable and Internet provider is seeking tips from its Kansas City employees about the Google Fiber project. "Share tips, rumors and rumblings about Google construction or launch activity for a chance to win $50!" reads a wanted poster.

Key word there, "chance." The reward is actually getting your name entered in a weekly drawing for one of three $50 gift cards. Really? That seems ... cheap. Seriously, this type of info (depending on the tip) is worth, oh, I don't know, how about free cable and Internet for a year? Maybe for life? Or how about a promise to never call the winner again about adding digital phone? A $50 gift card wouldn't even pay half of my monthly bill.

I called the number to the tip line this morning, and the recorded voice on the other end thanks callers "for helping Time Warner Cable stay a step ahead of our competition" and encourages them to "keep the tips coming." It's basically an answering machine.

Really, Time Warner is just like the rest of us, wanting to know what's up with Google. Hey, wasn't Google supposed to be announcing its options last month?

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