Kansas City ranks 28th on Forbes list of cities to stretch a paycheck


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Living in KC is worth 298 of these.
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  • Living in KC is worth 298 of these.
When it's the end of the month and the rent is due, it turns out that Kansas City is a fine place to live. Not great, not terrible, but right around fine. Forbes has ranked KC 28th out of 51 cities in a list nearly as long as its name — The Cities Where a Paycheck Stretches the Furthest. Houston topped the list with an adjusted annual wage (based on the price of homes, transportation, consumer goods, and utilities) of $66,933 while St. Louis bounced up 17 spots from the 2011 rankings at $53,390.

Kansas City remains in the same place as last year with Forbes determining that the average annual salary of $49,390 in the city is more like $49,688 when adjusted for the cost of living. So if you're looking to put a tangible number on what it means to live in Kansas City, that number is $298.


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