Kansas City is Travel + Leisure's 10th worst-dressed city in the nation



This would be high fashion in KC.
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  • This would be high fashion in KC.
It's always casual Friday in Kansas City, at least according to Travel + Leisure. The former print home of jet-setters, now generator of lists that includes Kansas City, has determined that this city is the 10th worst-dressed city in the country. Let's adjust our sweatpants and smooth out the pleats on our mom jeans and get into this one.

T+L lists our fashion faux paus as such:

America's No. 1 city for barbecue does not a fashionista make. Kansas City residents are among some of our nation's friendliest, and they can school anyone and everyone about the intricacies of grilling, but it looks like they're lost when it comes to putting together an outfit.

So, it's our inexorable drive to smoke meat that is keeping up back in the world of fashion. Hang on, these ribs are delicious. With even a modicum of research, Travel + Leisure could have made a stronger case. There's no mention that H&M just came to the Plaza or even that barbecue presents us from achieving the smaller sizes that are the true domain of fashionistas. Um ... anyone know how to fish beans out of a keyboard?

The idea that the City of Fountains is clueless about fashion falls apart after you realize that designer Kate Spade is from Kansas City, and Kara Laricks - a Kansas City woman - just won the first Fashion Star reality show literally two weeks ago. I'd give you more reasons that Kansas City is fashionable, but I've got to get some club soda on my jorts - once those barbecue sauce stains set, there's no getting them out.
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