Blue Springs is seeing UFOs



This is what folks in Blue Springs are seeing.
  • This is what folks in Blue Springs are seeing.
They're here, and this time they've come for Blue Springs. Missourians are seeing spaceships not just at the movie theaters but also floating over the suburbs apparently.

KMOV has the report of unidentified "multi-colored orbs hovering in the sky," discovered by a man who was "confronted by a neighbor who thought he was spying on women until he handed her his binoculars." It's always nice to see neighbors brought together by something unexplained in the sky - I believe that was the plot of Independence Day.

With sightings the past two weeks, the lights in the sky are described as red, green, blue and vibrating. UFO investigator Margie Kay was on the scene, but she too was stumped.

"It's not a planet. I don't know what it is," Kay told KMOV.

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