Clemson, rumored to be interested in the Big 12, opens up its relationship with the ACC



Will Clemson bring its rock to the Big 12?
  • Will Clemson bring Howard's Rock to the Big 12?

The rumors of the Big 12's demise were greatly exaggerated. Now the conference has an agreement with the Southeastern Conference for a big-time bowl game (just like the Rose Bowl!).

That could leave the Atlantic Coast Conference on the outside looking in on a playoff system (if it's ever instituted) - and the ACC's members considering their options. We've heard all about Florida State's interest. Rumored, too, has been Clemson. Well, that's official now with Clemson's board of trustees saying they're open to reconsidering the university's conference affiliation (via the Associated Press). The AP story says Clemson has yet to receive "a viable offer to leave," and quotes Board Chairman David Wilkins saying that the Tigers haven't been contacted by another conference. But, Wilkins said, Clemson is ready to mingle.

The Big 12 is positioned well to add schools, especially with the bowl deal and a new television deal coming that could pay each university $20 million per year.

Meanwhile, sounds like the Big 12 won't be getting the U. The University of Miami reportedly pledged allegiance to the ACC on Friday.
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