Going Big: The Kansas City Chiefs take defensive tackle Dontari Poe in the NFL Draft



Dontari Poe got up close and personal with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Let us hope hes this physical in pads.
  • Dontari Poe got up-close and personal with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Let us hope he's this physical in pads.
You never forget your first nose tackle. At least not if you're Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli. Faced with a prospect that had to call to mind Vince Wilfork - the erstwhile run stopper for the New England Patriots - Pioli selected Dontari Poe out of Memphis with the 11th pick in the NFL Draft last night.

For a franchise that's been safe, it's nice to see a little bit of risk. Poe is a freakish athlete, the kind of guy who somehow outperforms his own body type. Poe running at the NFL combine is a hard image to get out of one's mind. Men that large shouldn't be able to run that fast.

"My motivation is pretty much unlimited now," Poe told reporters in a conference call.

Unlimited motivation and unlimited potential - that is how the Chiefs will try to sell the fans on Dontari Poe. But it's hard to erase the disappointment over the lack of development by Tyson Jackson, who was considered a reach when he was selected third overall in 2009.

Pioli revealed that he had two chances to trade down on draft night, which is significant because Poe likely would have been on the board after the 11th pick. But when linebacker Luke Kuechly (he was a popular pre-draft choice for KC) went to the Carolina Panthers ninth overall, you have to wonder if that narrowed the field for the Chiefs. By holding pat, Pioli showed how much the organization thought of the defensive tackle.

Chiefs fans just hope this is not another reach, unless it's Poe reaching his potential.

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