Former teacher Michelle Preston pleads guilty to having sex with students



Michelle Preston is expected to get probation.
  • Michelle Preston is expected to get probation.
Michelle Preston, the former Shawnee Mission West teacher accused last year of having sexual encounters with students, pleaded guilty on Thursday. The accusations first arose in March 2011. Then things got weird. On the day she was charged, the 28-year-old psychology and geography teacher, was injured after the car she was driving went off an embankment in Miami County. Her contract wasn't renewed in May 2011. Then Preston appeared pregnant during a court date last October.

Preston pleaded guilty Thursday to having sexual contact with three students. KMBC-9 reports the gritty details: "[Preston] admitted Thursday in court to numerous encounters with three boys from the school, including sex with two of them. Investigators said DNA from a couch cushion in Preston's home proved she had sex with one of the victims. Prosecutors said she initiated the contact with all three boys."

The boys were 17 and 18 at the time of the contact. The age of consent in Kansas is 16.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on June 1. Prosecutors will seek probation for the new mom.

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