KCTV5's Dana Wright replaces Mike Shanin on KMBZ's afternoon drive-time talk show



Dana Wright moves to the radio.
  • Dana Wright moves to the radio.

The Shanin and Parks show on KMBZ 980 is going to need a new name. Shanin, as in Mike Shanin, is out. In is KCTV Channel 5 investigative reporter Dana Wright. This news comes from Bottom Line Communications' John Landsberg, who should change the name of his website to Scoops, Scoops, Scoops.

Wright will still do occasional projects and investigations for Channel 5, but she'll mainly be co-hosting with Scott Parks weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. She starts January 30.

Meanwhile, Shanin's ghost is apparently sticking around Entercom.

Guess our Shanin and Parks T-shirts are now collectors' items. Look out, eBay!

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