Why KCK will have the best real estate market in the country this year



Its a good year to live in KCK.
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  • It's a good year to live in KCK.
Even without the coming of Google Fiber, it turns out that now might be the perfect time to move to Kansas City, Kansas. Housingpredictor.com has determined that KCK will have the country's best housing market in 2012, expecting home prices to appreciate by 5.8 percent.

According to study author Mike Colpitts, Kansas City, Kansas, topped the list of 25 cities because of rising corn, soybean and livestock prices, as well as a strong manufacturing base. The median price of a home in the city is predicted to rise to $142,830. So to those who question why you moved to Wyandotte County, you can now calmly explain that it was a fiscally prudent decision that will be rewarded in the same fashion as a careful buy-and-hold stock-selection strategy. Either that or we all just want to be closer to El Camino Real.


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