Men's Health thinks KC men could be extras in Wall-E

A new list has KC guys eating their way to an early grave.



We invented the Bacon Explosion. Is this really a shocker?
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  • We invented the Bacon Explosion. Is this really a shocker?
Men's Health believes that Kansas City lacks exactly that: men's health. In its yearly dude-fitness survey — The Best & Worst Cities for Men's Health — the lad mag slapped Kansas City as the 91st healthiest city out of 100 cities surveyed. In the past year, we've slipped 11 spots from our ignoble ranking of 80th in 2010.

The rankings were apparently based on 35 different categories, "ranging from exercise, employment, and air quality to heart disease, diabetes, and depression, using sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CDC, and the FBI." While there's clearly no lack of quantitative analysis, the real culprit likely lies in oak and hickory and sides of beef. This likely won't shock you, but there appears to be a correlation between barbecue and a lack of general health. St. Louis is five spots behind us at 96th, while Memphis, Tennessee, earned the title of the least healthy city, coming in the final spot at 100. According to Men's Health, the healthiest city is Burlington, Vermont.

Yelp lists only a single barbecue restaurant in Burlington: Chicken Charlie's. One barbecue restaurant in town? That's no way to live, son. So if it's a question of purchasing a larger recliner or giving up ribs, I'm afraid we're headed to number 100 with a beef-laden bullet. So, go forth and eat burnt ends, Kansas City. I'd save you a seat, but I think I'm going to shortly need that second one for myself.

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