Kansas City has an anger problem



Kansas City crooks know no limits.
  • Kansas City crooks know no limits.
It’s time to let go of the rage, Kansas City.

Today’s cautionary tale of anger is likely as much about pride as the $170 that put the lives of five people at risk. The Kansas City Star has the tale of an alleged robbery yesterday that led to a car accident that led to a car theft. It’s the horrible adult version of the nursery rhyme about swallowing a spider.

At 5:45 a.m., a 23-year-old man was apparently putting oil in his car on St. John Avenue when three armed men and a woman approached him. The bandits then allegedly snatched his wallet and fled in a maroon car. The mugging became something else when the young man decided to get in his car and track down the thieves. He raced after them, rear-ending their car near Gladstone Boulevard and Sunrise Drive.

If there was a plan, that was where it ended. The young man got out of his car and began grappling with the three male robbers. The only problem is that while they were tussling, the female robber decided to take something else from the young man: his car. Her compatriots jumped in their own car and sped off. And while the man had managed to retrieve his wallet, the $170 in cash that was inside it was also long gone.

Nobody should be robbed, especially two days after Christmas. But there is no value in retaliation. And until we learn that as a community, the cost is going to be a lot greater than just $170.


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