Lou Engle's Detroit TheCall gathering doesn't draw expected crowd



Detroit didnt embrace Lou Engle as much as he was hoping.
  • Detroit didn't embrace Lou Engle as much as he was hoping.
Everybody's favorite hoarse, mustachioed, lunatic drinking bird, Lou Engle, held one of his famous TheCall gatherings on Friday at Ford Field in Detroit, and it followed his classic form: According to news reports, he was his classic, nutty self, and the crowd was smaller than expected.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the football stadium drew fewer than the 50,000 to 70,000 people organizers had hoped for, and the crowd was mostly white despite the IHOP crew's hopes of attracting a large contingent of black worshippers. The paper also notes that more than 100 people showed up outside the stadium to protest TheCall and Engle's hate-spreading ways.

This hate-fest didn't produce any particularly noteworthy Engle gems, but he did make some odd comments about gospel music, saying it will be "a new worship sound out of Detroit." And he reportedly devoted three hours of the 24-hour rally to "defeating Islam in Dearborn and eventually around the world." If you're jonesing for a new Engle video, there's one after the jump.

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