Kansas City Chiefs deny naming-rights rumors, say they weren't planning to fire Todd Haley



The Chiefs say its still Arrowhead.
  • The Chiefs say it's still Arrowhead.
Calm down, everybody. Fears that Chiefs fans would soon be headed to Google Arrowhead Stadium or Wal-Mart Field are unwarranted, the team says. This morning, blogger and former sideline reporter Bob Gretz sent Chiefs devotees into a panic by reporting that an unnamed source within the team told him that a naming deal was imminent.

Gretz wrote: "Word is that an announcement will likely come in conjunction with the Monday night game against San Diego on Halloween. No leaks on the name of the company involved, but the word is that it’s a national name, not local, and that this company has not previously been involved in buying naming rights to sports facilities. I’ve been told it will be a very familiar name, one that fans won’t have to use Goggle to discover what that company does."

No Google necessary! This, the team says, is utter nonsense.

The Star's Kent Babb reported this morning that the team says they've been looking for a naming deal since 2006, but they're not close to announcing anything.

This is the second major denial in two days for the Chiefs. Yesterday, 610 Sports' Nick Wright reported that Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli was prepared to fire head coach Todd Haley if the team didn't beat the Indianapolis Colts last week. Wright said multiple Chiefs sources told him that Pioli would have dumped Haley if the hapless Colts had won. But Pioli told Arrowhead Pride that Wright's claim was "100 percent false," and the team isn't looking to replace Haley.

Wright was unconvinced by Pioli's statement. After Arrowhead Pride tweeted the denial, Wright shot back, "For the record, the fact that Pioli would even respond to my report I think tells you all you need to know."

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