Oakland Raiders fan sues Kansas City Chiefs for alleged assault that knocked out four of his teeth



This probably isnt Clifford Trammel.
  • This probably isn't Clifford Trammel.
The Kansas City Chiefs' rivalry with the Oakland Raiders is so intense that sometimes it spills into the stands. A Raiders fan is suing the Chiefs organization, claiming that he was assaulted during a 2009 game at Arrowhead Stadium, KMBC reported.

Clifford Trammel claims that he lost four teeth after being assaulted by two men. His lawsuit says he also suffered cuts to his face and mouth while trying to break up a fight between his friend and a Chiefs fan, but he ended up falling two rows and hitting his head on some seats. In fact, Trammel claims that when security finally came to break up the fight, he was told that that's what he gets for wearing a Raiders jersey to Arrowhead.

Trammel is claiming that the Chiefs were negligent in preventing the attack and didn't do much to stop it. He's seeking $250,000, which will buy a lot of teeth and Raiders jerseys.

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