Gigabit City recap: Google is giving a sandbox, but will Kansas City bring its toys?



So I'm at the Central Library last night to hear all of the ideas that came out of the all-day Google fiber brainstorming session. A bunch of folks are here, too, eager to hear the ideas. And some of the ideas are great, like using the high-speed Internet connections to stream video of lectures for students. No more buffering means you won't lose today's ADD kids (or, at least, that's the idea). And some of them aren't so great.

So what's the take-away from last night? You can see for yourself in the video above, which was shot by our friends at the library. But really, the brainstorming session was mostly to put the ideas out in the world with the hope that the right people will take 'em and run with 'em. Will it happen? I'm cynical, and for all the talk about helping the urban core, I have a hard time seeing how high-speed Internet will help people who don't have Internet connections or computers, let alone know how to use a computer. But I'm hopeful.

Mike Brown of the Brainzooming Group described it as Google providing the sandbox, but Kansas City needing to provide the Tonka trucks. One presenter said Google fiber will do for innovation what jazz did for music. Uh, I won't hold my breath. But I get that folks are excited enough to use hyperbole about something cool coming to KC. So let's hope the folks with the Tonka trucks are coming to play.

You can read the Gigabit City tweets by clicking here or check out Social Media Club Kansas City's journal here.

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