Stanford Griswold's trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Brian Euston begins today



The man who threw the punch that killed Brian Euston (pictured) goes on trial today.
  • The man who threw the punch that killed Brian Euston (pictured) goes on trial today.
The involuntary manslaughter trial for the man charged with punching and killing Brian Euston outside a Westport bar last October is scheduled to begin today, according to Fox 4.

Stanford Griswold is accused of punching the 24-year-old Euston once. But that punch killed him.

Euston was found, bloody, at Westport Road and Mill Street around bar closing time on October 10. He suffered a severe head injury, but initially the cause of death was a mystery, with no witnesses coming forward. He died at Truman Medical Center two days later. Authorities later declared Euston's death a homicide.

Court documents gave two witnesses' accounts of what led to Euston's death. Witnesses told police that they were outside America's Pub, when Euston — whose blood alcohol level was .387, more than four times the legal limit to drive — approached. Euston was allegedly bothering people outside the bar and "getting in their faces."

The witnesses urged Euston to leave, but he refused. Griswold allegedly became annoyed and threatened to knock out Euston, who was allegedly bothering him and his girlfriend.

Griswold allegedly struck Euston once, and he and his girlfriend left the scene.

Westport Public Safety officers found Euston bleeding from his mouth. Euston was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with severe head injuries. He died October 12.

Prosecutors say they charged Griswold with involuntary manslaughter rather than murder because there was no evidence that Griswold intended to kill Euston.

If convicted, Griswold faces one to seven years in prison.

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