Shane Reed gets 18 months in juvie for his role in Ryder Spillman's slaying



Ryder Spillman was killed in April.
  • Ryder Spillman was killed in April.
For handing his cousin the gun used to kill 16-year-old Ryder Spillman, Shane Reed will spend 18 months in a juvenile correctional facility.

Reed, 17, also received a 12-month sentence of aftercare. If he runs into trouble during his juvenile sentence, he faces consecutive adult sentences of 11 months for aiding a felon and a year for possession of a firearm.

Reed had previously pleaded guilty to aiding a felon and to possession of a firearm by a juvenile in connection with Spillman's death on April 23. Spillman was shot in the heart on the playground of Thomas A. Edison Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas.

Spillman had walked to the school looking for a fight. But Shane Reed handed his cousin, Stephen Reed, a pistol, which he allegedly used to shoot and kill Spillman, who was unarmed.

Stephen Reed, 17, is facing charges of first-degree murder and criminal possession of a firearm by a juvenile. His jury trial is scheduled for September 12.

Theresa Reed, Stephen Reed's mother, told KSHB Channel 41 in April that her son told her that the killing "was an accident" and he feels sorry for the Spillman family.

Theresa Reed also told the TV station that Stephen and Shane Reed are members of "the new mafia," which is made up of Shawnee Mission East High School students. Reed added that the new mafia wasn't on friendly terms with Spillman, who was a member of a group of skateboarders from Shawnee Mission North High School who called themselves "Ro-Po."

The two apparently clashed at skate parks in Roeland Park and Prairie Village, and a gun was pulled on at least one occasion.

On the night of the killing, Theresa Reed claimed that her son thought Spillman was running with a gun toward her son and his cousin in a parked car. She said her son asked his cousin for protection.

"He said he fired three or four shots up in the air and he said there was only one that hit the kid, and that's what killed him," Reed told KSHB. "If they knew it hit him, they would have went back and helped. They didn't mean for this to happen."

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