IHOP pancakes sues IHOP prayer nuts (again) for brand confusion


The prayer nuts are getting sued by the pancake makers.
  • The prayer nuts are getting sued by the pancake makers.

The International House of

Pancakes (IHOP) is suing the International House of Prayer (also

IHOP) for trademark infringement ... again. The Kansas City Business Journal reported that Pancakes is suing in federal court in Kansas City, claiming that

the prayer nuts are causing confusion by using the IHOP acronym and

piggybacking on the

restaurant's brand.

Last December, Pancakes dropped a similar lawsuit in California against the prayer nuts after entering mediation. Clearly, the outcome didn't suit Pancakes.

Pancakes is now seeking unspecified damages and the rights

to the IHOP domain names. No word on whether Pancakes is seeking the rights to nutbag preacher Lou Engle. 

The Star's story also has this tidbit from the lawsuit:

"Several persons have either been confused by House of Prayer's use of 'IHOP' or felt the need to clarify whether the 'IHOP' reference was to House of Prayer Kansas City or plaintiffs," the suit contended.

Those poor confused bastards. I've been to the Prayer House, and after walking in and seeing a band jamming, people crying and teenagers pacing, I could figure out pretty quickly that no one was going to be serving me pancakes.

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