89 confirmed dead in Joplin tornado; six videos of the destruction



A mile-wide, rain-wrapped tornado killed 89 people Sunday in Joplin. Sadly, that number is likely to rise. Joplin is in ruins (as you can see in Cloven Life's

Flickr photos), including St. John's Regional Medical Center, which looks bombed out.

Bark was stripped from trees. Vehicles were in mangled balls, looking like they were straight out of a Hollywood disaster film. FEMA workers have been dispatched to Joplin, and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency. KMBC Channel 9 has several links to how you can help the people of Joplin. Watch more videos after the jump.

This video shows vehicles mangled into balls. A brick is lodged in the door of one vehicle.

This video, shot at a Fastrip in Joplin, captures the terror of the people as the tornado struck.

The aerial view of the devastation is jaw-dropping.

The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes was one of the first people on the ground, surveying the damage.

Heycameraman posted this video. There's no audio, but it shows more of the aftermath.

H/T: BuzzFeed.

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