Westport sinkhole patched up and surrounded by barricades


What sinkhole?
  • What sinkhole?

As you can see, we're a day late on the Westport sinkhole at 43rd and Roanoke. This makes me so very sad. But we'll always have these memories, thanks to KCTV5, of a car taking a dip. I'm not shocked by this and neither should anyone who has driven Kansas City's streets. The only shocking thing to me is that it doesn't happen more often.

The sinkhole was caused by a water-main break Tuesday night, the Star reported. The water main has since been repaired, and the hole has been covered up and surrounded with barricades.

When I first heard about a sinkhole, this is what popped into my head.


Reality is never as fun. At least the Westport Flea Market was spared.


The road is open. Slap

a metal plate on it, and I'm sure we can call it good. 

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