Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon repeals dog-breeding law you guys voted for


Is he sad the law was repealed, or are these puppy tears of joy? You decide.
  • Is he sad the law was repealed, or are these puppy tears of joy? You decide.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon just signed off on repealing most of the important parts of that Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act that lots of you voted for and others voted against last year. Among the controversial new rules struck by Nixon's signature: a limit of 50 breeding dogs per business, and requiring little things like veterinary care, clean food, and drinking water free of feces.

Because 51 percent of you voted 'yay' to this and 49 percent voted 'nay,' and because I'm pretty sure people just want to read what they thought all along anyway, I'll write a couple of paragraphs for both sides after the jump, so you can just have your decisions reinforced. If I do a really neato job of writing something you already know, and I do it with nice words, you'll think I'm smart and talented and pretty!

For you 'yay' voters: This is fucking bullshit. They put this to a vote, and Missouri's residents decided what they wanted done after months of campaigning. That's the whole point of a democracy! The people look at an issue and vote on it, and then that's what we go with because that's the decision the people made. And while we're at it, fuck Rep. Jason Smith who helped push this through. That asshole's parents run one of the worst puppy mills in the state (documented!!), and now he gets to spit in the face of the voters he's supposed to be working for so his family can make a few extra bucks on a puppy by making sure they don't have to shelter it or get it to a doctor when it's covered in parasites. When it comes to animal welfare, the only difference between the dickholes in Jefferson City and the guys hosting pit-bull fights in their basements is that the dogfighters don't pretend to be good people. They've got too much integrity.

For the 'nay' voters: If they regulate puppies, they'll do it to cows, and then we'll all starve, you fucking hippies! It's a dog! It's a goddamn soulless beast!

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