Now you can walk in Peggy Noland's shoes


My, what cherubic feet you have!
  • My, what cherubic feet you have!

Remember doodling on your shoes in school? How cool would it be to have your doodles mass-produced? Kansas City's own Peggy Noland has that answer. She was recently tapped by Keds to crank out designs for their footwear in her signature, goofball style.

A pair of those bad boys at right will set you back $80. The green feet and pink toenails are a shout-out to the most recent incarnation of Noland's teensy storefront on West 18th Street, decorated with 3-D, witchy fingers carved out of hard foam.

(Noland's source of the foam is a pretty priceless story, by the way -- she carted a U-Haul's worth of giant, soggy buoys back from the Lake of the

Ozarks after docks were required to remove the ones not approved by environmental guidelines.)

I caught up with Noland on Facebook to ask how the Keds opportunity came about. She replied:

Rush Wade hooked it up. Are you familiar with them? Local company --

riillly cool peeps. They talent scouted me for Keds. nice!

With their line called Keds

Collective, the iconic shoe brand "collaborated with top designers,

cutting-edge artists, musicians and pop-culture icons to see how these

creative minds could transform our blank canvas."


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