Reno County will pay $11,000 to staple shut an accused attempted rapist's head


Reno County, you get to pay for this hot mess.
  • Reno County, you get to pay for this hot mess.

Oh, you lucky bastards in Reno County. You get to pay $11,000 for the medical bills of accused attempted rapist Kevin

Scott Funderburk. You might remember Funderburk, 25, from the December incident in which he allegedly tried to rape a 71-year-old Hutchinson woman who ended up beating the shit out of him with a frying pan.

Why is Reno County getting stuck with the bill? KMBC Channel 9 reports that because Funderburk was arrested before being taken to a Wichita hospital, and because his medical care came after the arrest, the county will have to pay for the staples in Funderburk's scalp.

Funderburk allegedly talked his way into the

woman's home, claiming he was homeless with nowhere to go. He was drunk,

and once in the home, he's accused of attacking the woman, holding her

down and trying to rape her. The woman grabbed her

frying pan and started swinging.

The woman hit Funderburk so hard that she knocked him out. When

police arrived around 7 a.m., they found Funderburk unconscious in a

pool of his own vomit. He was taken to a hospital where his scalp was

stapled shut.

KMBC reports that Funderburk is scheduled to appear in court Friday on charges

of attempted rape, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated battery.

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