Jury returns verdict in Royals' hot dog throwing case


Not guilty, y'all gots to feel me.
  • Not guilty, y'all gots to feel me.

A Jackson County jury today found plaintiff John Coomer 100 percent at fault for putting his eyeball in the path of a perfectly good hot dog.

Coomer sued the Kansas City Royals for damages resulting from an injury he received when Slugger, the Royals mascot, flung a foil-wrapped hot dog into the stands and hit Coomer in the eye.

The jurors assigned zero fault to the Royals organization for Coomer's injury. This just proves how much Kansas Citians love their meat.

Plog readers totally called it back in February 2010, when Coomer filed his lawsuit.

Ryan, who must be a lawyer, wrote:

Classic case of "assumption of risk." This lawsuit will go nowhere,

unless the Royals settle to mitigate lawyers fees.

Plog reader koku commented:

Am I wrong in that you can't sue the team if you get hit with a foul

ball? Some kind of not responsible jargon on the ticket or something?

If that's the case then I don't see why a hot dog would make them any

more libel.

And obviously if you can't catch a hot dog thrown

at your head then you don't have any business being that close to the

field at a ball game.

But our favorite comment came from Royals Fan 2:

If Sluggerrr can really throw that hard, the Royals should sign him

up. They need some help with their starting rotation.

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